CMAA Oregon Chapter Events

Portland Public Schools Project Event

When: Postponed 

The Oregon Chapter of the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) is pleased to present Upcoming Projects for Portland Public Schools. The event offers all industry practitioners the opportunity to converse directly with District leadership as well as inform the local community about the upcoming capital projects, including the $790M 2017 Capital Improvement Bond Program. Lessons learned from the 2012 bond program will also be discussed as well as the District’s approach to improving its contracting and delivery process. PPS is interested in hearing directly from industry professionals about upcoming industry trends, best and innovative practices as well as gain feedback associated with how PPS can continue to improve its capital delivery program and better align with the industry.

Hear from District Leaders about upcoming projects including:
• Benson High School Modernization
• Lincoln High School Replacement
• Madison High School Modernization
• Kellogg Middle School Replacement
• District-wide Health & Safety Improvement projects ($150M) including: